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About us

Thanks for taking the time to check out our company!  Did you know that our XL Mini Basketball Hoops are MADE IN THE USA?  It took some effort and great patience but now our backboards, rims, door hooks and VersaBrackets are made in OHIO.

 On this site you will see the way our company has evolved.  We started primarily selling Basketball Hoops(BoatFun Sports) for Marine use. Why?  Because we've been avid boaters and were alway looking to have more fun with our family on the boat.  Keep away led to baseball (ask me) and finally basketball off the side of the boat.

Then we discovered that our simply durable mini hoop design could be modified and improved to provide XL Mini Basketball Hoops for RVing, Tailgating, Trampoline, Backyard Playsets, Beach, Houseboating, Playgrounds, Swimming Pools, Indoor Frames, Bunk Beds, Deck Posts and more.  All the places we always wished we could play and now we can with VersaHoop.

Al from VERSA Hoop

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 513-379-0506.

Where do you want to play basketball?  If we don't have a way to attach outdoor hoops sets now, we'll certainly attempt to create a product for you... and for the markets.  And feel free to contact us to keep the ideas for games and toys for boating, tailgating and backyard play flowing.  

The newest design, VersaHoop, was developed by listening to you.  You wanted a larger heavier duty backboard, a tighter fit for the SnapUp Breakaway Rim and a simple way to attach in many places with one set of brackets. (Instead of bracket design for each application)  Our next hoops adventure is coming this Fall with Build-A-Hoop.  Customized and Personalized Mini Basketball Hoops!  It will be great!

Please help us keep in touch with you by linking to our Facebook Page.  

Be the creator of more joy and fun for your friends and family,

Al & Stephanie